Harris Gomez Group


Engineering & Manufacturing



Engineering and manufacturing companies that originate from common law countries are world class and well respected in Latin America.  These same companies create products and solutions that help industries overcome obstacles, be more efficient, become more productive and increase safety.

We offer a complete range of legal services to help clients be successful in Chile and the Latin American Region.

Project Development

  • Review and negotiate all types of contracts (EPC, EPCM).
  • Preparation of tender packages.
  • Construction finance, bonds, warranties and guarantees.
  • Review and negotiate service contracts with industry suppliers.
  • Due diligence and negotiation regarding property acquisitions.
  • Assistance with regulatory bodies.
  • Preliminary audit reports, including background searches.
  • Investment advice and assistance with capital flows.
  • Taxation and structuring advice.
  • Sourcing local manufacturers and distributors.