Adeneys Bequer

Adeneys Bequer

Administrative Assistant

Adeneys Bequer is Administrative Assistant at Harris Gomez Group. Adeneys graduated as an Accountant Auditor in 2012, and has more than 9 years of experience in the implementation of strategic plans in the business sector, and knowledge of Management of ERP and Accounting Systems.

As part of his professional development, he has managed evaluation, management and financial planning systems. Adeneys has contributed to the development of strategies for international Accounting and Internal Control standards for clients, through the implementation of procedures, accounting standards and preparation of financial statements.

Adeneys also has experience in the area of Human Resources and Accounting, and has advised people and businesses to meet their objectives, delivering profitability strategies, through the definition of budgets, inventories, goals and resources. Adeneys is committed to providing clients with excellent service to suit their vision and strategic goals.