Maritza Ramirez

Maritza Ramirez

Account Manager

Maritza Ramirez is an Account Manager at Harris Gomez Group. Accountant since 2017, with 11 years of experience in the private administrative sector, developing competencies in finance, management control, human resources and taxes. In 2020 she became independent, providing tax advice and support to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

During her career she has acquired experiences in the following areas:

  • Composition and declaration of monthly and annual taxes.
  • Internal Revenue Service tax audits.
  • Fixed assets surveys.
  • Tax analysis.
  • Tax planning according to taxpayer regime.
  • Elaboration of Balance Sheet and Financial Statements.
  • Auditing of financial statements and income tax.
  • Complete administrative process: Human Resources, clients, suppliers, bank reconciliation, treasury, management control.

From the academic point of view, she has expanded her studies in the tax area, complementing them with a diploma in Digital Marketing and Strategic Management.

She is fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Duoc UC – Auditing
  • Aula Tributaria – Certificate in Income Tax Operation AT2022
  • Aula Tributaria – Certificate in Income Tax Operation AT2021
  • Aula Tributaria – Updating and Tax Application Law 21.210
  • AIEP – Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • AIEP – Certificate in Web Analytics