Marguerite De Villiers

Marguerite De Villiers


Marguerite de Villiers is a Partner with Harris Gomez Group, based in our Sydney office.

Marguerite has a particular interest in the ‘human’ side of business law and enjoys helping companies grow from the ground up, especially those related to travel, food and hospitality. She aims to provide attentive, approachable, personalised service in simplified terms.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Marguerite managed safari camps in Southern Africa, designing high-end tailor-made journeys to some of the most spectacular places in Africa. She also founded and managed a boutique recruitment company in Chile.

Marguerite lived in Chile for 6 years, working as a paralegal for Harris Gomez Group while studying a Bachelor of Law. These experiences provide Marguerite with a global view of doing business and enabled her to provide practical and effective legal advice and services. It is also a great conversation starter as she never tires of speaking about Africa, Latin America, travel and food!

Marguerite graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the University of New England and is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales.

She speaks fluent Afrikaans and English, and intermediate Spanish.

Marguerite De Villiers