Entrepreneurs Case Study

Spanish Speaking Legal Team


Our client was a scientist with an innovative and ground-breaking product that was patented for the METS and infrastructure space, which was to be developed internationally before taking it into the Australian and Latin American markets.

They needed assistance with getting the legal structures in place so they could take their product to interested parties, and obviously to protect the idea itself.


We were able to assist and work with their legal representation in a Pacific Island country (where they were based) to get the company structure in place.

This allowed the client to be able to focus on their idea and implement the science, leaving the legals to us. In parallel, we explained to them the importance of protecting their intellectual property, with our in-house patent expert registering the patent and trademark.

With their idea established and the business up and running, we continue to assist them as they require in Australia, and have recently been helping them with their plan as they look to expand internationally to the Latin American market.

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