Small To Mid-Size Enterprises (SMEs)

International Commerce


Our client was a small business in the education industry that had become concerned regarding their employment contracts.

They had been operating in Australia for a number of years, however, their previous legal representation that had assisted with the set up had not advised them of the importance of getting their employment contracts in order so they had ended up using existing contracts from their Latin American branch that were not suitable for use in Australia.


A senior lawyer from Harris Gomez Group visited the client’s offices to get to know the team and gain an understanding of how the business worked and what their legal needs were. Our lawyer was able to identify that apart from updating the employment contracts, other agreements (such as client terms and conditions, contractor services and workplace policies) were also required.


Our client is now able to feel more secure in their dealings with not just employees, but also clients and customers. By having a workplace policy implemented, they have commented that the office culture has dramatically improved. The client now asks us to complete annual ‘legal health check-ups’ to identify and correct any potential issues.

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