Chile Opportunity: Codelco’s invention patent portfolio available for licensing

Written by Ian Cardenas, Paralegal

Earlier this year, Chilean state-owned mining company Codelco launched a public and open call to all market players who may be interested in obtaining a license to develop, use, manufacture and commercialize patents that are the intellectual property of the company.

This invitation is addressed to all those who are interested in presenting their own technical and economic offers and defining the licensing conditions for the use of their invention patents.

The company’s five production process areas are underground mining, pre-concentration and crushing, electrowinning, pyrometallurgy and flotation, with their patents having being developed as part of these processes.

In the words of Codelco’s executive president, Octavio Araneda: “Our current transformation process requires attracting the best available capabilities to solve the short, medium and long term challenges, considering the situation and projection of the current sites and the structural projects underway to continue contributing to the country’s development for another 50 years”.

How will it work?

In the event that a patent is granted to Codelco and after prior agreement of the licensing conditions, a licensing contract will be generated in which Codelco will allow third parties to use, manufacture and commercialize the protected technology. It should be stressed that neither ownership nor title to patents is granted as part of these kindsw of licensing agreements.

“It is a very disruptive proposal in our industry, and it is a win-win because different actors in the ecosystem can access protected technology and Codelco benefits by linking with external capabilities and talent. With OpenCodelco we seek to complete and capture the value of our past developments as well as identify capabilities for potential future innovations,” says Julio Díaz, Codelco’s Corporate Innovation Manager.


How to apply?
  1. Complete the pre-qualification form at . Interested parties will find information with the description of each patent that is available to license and will be able to submit their application to sign Licensing Agreements or other forms of Technology Transfer for the use and exploitation of these patents.
  2. If you qualify, you will be contacted. Applicants will be pre-qualified on the basis of evaluation criteria related to the field of free competition and other legal aspects.
  3. Complete the advanced application form and submit to the licensing project.
  4. You are ready to acquire your patent license once the application has been analysed and considered by Codelco. If the proposal is accepted, a negotiation process begins that will give rise to a license that will establish conditions such as royalty payments, exclusivity, technical and territorial scope, rights to be granted, etc.
Who can apply?

Natural or legal persons, Chilean or foreign, may participate as applicants, both those who have been called directly by the Codelco Licensing Team in charge of mobilizing this process, as well as those who go directly to the licensing platform,, without prior call for applications.

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