Chilean Work Visa: New Changes and Benefits

The Chilean Immigration Department has created a new visa: Temporary Visa for Labor Purposes.

This visa may only be requested once in Chile, and requires an employment contract subscribed from a company with a legal domicile in Chile.

In short, the new visa will allow employees to move freely between employers and job positions while still maintaining their visa. Additionally, it will allow for employees to apply for temporary residence after 1 year if they meet all legal requirements.

Harris Gomez Group provides visa and immigration assistance and advice in securing the required permits. Our aim is to coordinate and manage the visa and immigration process with the relevant authorities on behalf of the assignee. During this process, Harris Gomez Group can liaise with the assignees HR department to ensure that all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

For your better understanding, we enclose a comparative table between the current Work Contract Visa (which remains fully in force) and the new Temporary Visa for Labor Purposes:





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