Team Spotlight: Camila Weinstein, Associate

Introducing Camila

Camila Weinstein, Corporate and Tax Lawyer at Harris Gomez Group, stands at the forefront of legal expertise of cross-border transactions between common law countries and Latin America. Throughout her career, Camila has focused her work on corporate and tax matters within the Chilean and international legal landscape.

Her professional acumen revolves around providing strategic legal counsel in the domains of corporate governance and tax compliance, extending her expertise to companies and family groups both domestically and internationally. Camila’s forte also lies in contributing to the consultancy, design, and implementation of intricate corporate reorganisations, demonstrating her adept handling of complex business structures.

Beyond her specialisation, Camila boasts a broad spectrum of experience encompassing commercial law, inheritance tax, and real estate law. Her comprehensive skill set positions her as a versatile legal professional capable of navigating multifaceted legal challenges.

Background and education

Since entering the legal profession in 2014, Camila has actively represented clients in taxpayer defence before the Internal Revenue Service and has successfully prosecuted cases before the Tax and Customs Court. Her proficiency in both Spanish and English further enhances her ability to navigate the nuances of cross-border legal matters.

In terms of education, Camila holds degrees and certificates from prestigious institutions such as Universidad de Los Andes, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), and Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH). Her continuous pursuit of knowledge is evident through her academic achievements, including an L.L.M. with mention in Tax Law.

Camila is a member of the Chilean Bar Association. Her profile is marked not only by her extensive legal knowledge but also by a practical, results-driven approach that has earned her recognition in the complex intersection of corporate and tax law.

Current projects

Camila Weinstein is currently spearheading comprehensive tax consultancy services for a diverse clientele. Leveraging her extensive experience, she provides guidance on tax planning, compliance, and optimization strategies to ensure her clients’ financial interests are safeguarded.  To complement the above, she has drafted a series of legal briefs with analysis of the regulations and the application of the specific case.

Camila also recently took on the drafting of an intercompany loan agreement for a software company. Her keen legal insight and attention to detail were instrumental in crafting an agreement that met the rigorous standards demanded by regulatory compliance. Additionally, she collaborated closely with the accounting team to draft a comprehensive transfer pricing report. This collaboration ensured adherence to the arm´s length principle, showcasing her ability to integrate legal expertise with financial considerations for seamless compliance within corporate framework.

Camila recently executed the elaboration and implementation of the new Terms and Conditions policy for a well-known software company   and played a pivotal role in bolstering the company’s internal policies and operations. They serve as a legally binding framework that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the company and its clients. Camila is currently involved in drafting a Master Service Agreement at setting the groundwork for this software company. This framework enables the provision of specific services and subscription licenses for its platform through individual or multiple Statements of Work (SoWs), which will be issued as appendices to the Agreement.

Finally, Camila played a pivotal role in facilitating the corporate restructuring for an Australian-based company that offers earth moving equipment and services, advising in the due diligence, and negotiation for the cross-border acquisition. Her legal acumen and strategic insights were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the project, ensuring a seamless transition for the company and its shareholders.

The value Camila brings

While working on my recent projects, I’ve gained profound insights into the relationship between legal strategy and tangible business outcomes. Whether providing tax consultancy services, or drafting intercompany loan agreements, I really appreciate the need to seamlessly integrate the “black letter” law with practical business considerations and real world knowledge. The interplay between meticulous legal detail and financial frameworks has been a consistent theme through my work, emphasizing the need for a holistic, compliance-oriented approach, particularly in the realm of international tax. These experiences collectively reinforce the value I bring – a synthesis of legal expertise, strategic foresight, and a commitment to facilitating smooth outcomes for clients.

– Quote from Camila

Harris Gomez Group opened its doors in 1997 as an Australian legal and commercial firm. In 2001, we expanded our practice to the international market with the establishment of our office in Santiago, Chile. This international expansion meant that as an English speaking law firm we could provide an essential bridge for Australian companies with interests and activities in Latin America, and to provide legal advice in Chile, Peru and the rest of Latin America. In opening this office, HGG became the first Australian law firm with an office in Latin America.
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