Team Spotlight: Charles Hamilton, Senior Associate Chile

Senior Associate Charles Hamilton
Introducing Charles

Harris Gomez Group is delighted to introduce our newest Senior Associate, Charles Hamilton, to the Santiago Office! Charles Hamilton joins the HGG team as a seasoned professional, blending legal expertise with an innovative edge. With eight years of experience under his belt, Charles has channelled his expertise into crafting solutions for foreign companies operating in Latin America.

Background and education

Since entering the legal profession in 2015, Charles has focused his passion for technology into projects for diverse sectors such as bank and finance industry, pharmaceutical retail companies, and commercial developments. His primary areas of specialisation encompass technology contracts, due diligence processes, regulatory claims, and the implementation of robust data protection programs.
From an academic perspective, Charles is distinguished by his LL.M. in Innovation, Technology, and Law, earned at the prestigious University of Edinburgh in Scotland. His academic pursuits have cemented his knowledge in data protection, technology contracts, e-commerce, media, and telecommunications.

Beyond his professional engagements, Charles also works as a professor of the Diploma in Regulation and New Technologies at the Universidad de Los Andes. As part of this course, he teaches the intricate nuances of online content control, utilizing technology to address legal disputes, particularly in cases of defamation and disinformation.

Current projects

Among Charles Hamilton’s portfolio of notable projects, some of the highlights includes the negotiation and  drafting of contracts for a number of globally renowned giants in the retail industry. Notably, his cross-border vision and acute attention to detail have played a pivotal role in ensuring that these contracts operate seamlessly, for clients including multinational companies like H&M and Decathlon.

Charles has also been at the forefront of advising and crafting contracts for groundbreaking payment systems within shopping mall restaurants. These innovative systems allow customers to order and pay for services across various restaurants simultaneously. His work in this area encompasses the intricacies of both B2B and B2C contracts while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the protection of customer data and the provision of transparent terms and conditions.

Furthermore, Charles’s expertise shines through in the development of comprehensive risk assessment reports and compliance programs. These programs are designed to navigate the intricacies of the new legislation governing economic crimes and personal data protection. His involvement in the fruit and real estate industries has been instrumental, as he provides invaluable legal recommendations informed by a deep understanding of his clients’ businesses. In these roles, he not only safeguards the interests of multinational companies but also plays an essential role in helping them navigate the evolving legal landscape.

The value Charles brings

 Whether it’s negotiating intricate cross-border contracts for industry leaders or crafting innovative solutions, my focus has always been on the small details that make a significant difference. In the realm of corporate law, it’s often these subtleties that ensure a contract functions seamlessly across diverse jurisdictions. One crucial lesson I’ve learned is that knowledge of the business is paramount. By understanding the intricacies of my clients’ industries, especially in the context of cross-border work, I can provide tailored legal guidance that goes beyond the mere application of the law. It’s this holistic approach that not only safeguards their interests but also helps them thrive in an ever-evolving legal landscape.”

– Quote from Charles
Harris Gomez Group opened its doors in 1997 as an Australian legal and commercial firm. In 2001, we expanded our practice to the international market with the establishment of our office in Santiago, Chile. This international expansion meant that as an English speaking law firm we could provide an essential bridge for Australian companies with interests and activities in Latin America, and to provide legal advice in Chile, Peru and the rest of Latin America. In opening this office, HGG became the first Australian law firm with an office in Latin America.
As Legal and Commercial Advisors, we partner with innovative businesses in resources, technology and sustainability by providing strategy, legal and corporate services. Our goal is to see innovative businesses establish and thrive in Latin America and Australia. We are proud members of Austmine and the Australia Latin American Business Council.
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