Team Spotlight: Luke Musto, Associate

Introducing Luke

Luke Musto, an Associate Lawyer at Harris Gomez Group, embodies a unique blend of legal expertise and cross-cultural insight. As an Australian solicitor with a depth of experience spanning various Latin American jurisdictions, Luke brings a unique perspective to the team based on a deep understanding of Latin culture and business dynamics.

His multifaceted career encompasses diverse practice areas, showcasing versatility in international law, immigration, corporate, and commercial law. Luke regularly manages a variety of cross-border projects, navigating the complexities of multiple time zones, countries, and languages with ease.

Background and education

Within Harris Gomez Group, Luke acts as the nexus between the Chilean and Australian offices, closely collaborating with the Managing Partner on Australian matters while acting as the resident Australian solicitor in the Santiago office, where he is currently based. Luke also has extensive experience working within Argentina.

Luke holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts with Distinction (Spanish) from the University of Wollongong, and a Master of Laws in Migration Law with Commendation from the Australian National University. Luke’s academic achievements underscore his dedication to seamlessly bridging the legal landscapes of Latin America and Australia.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Luke’s commitment to fostering international relations is evident in his role as Assistant to the President of the Australia Chile Chamber of Commerce since 2016. His dedication to Spanish language proficiency was further acknowledged when he received the prestigious Alejandro Malaspina Award for Spanish from the Spanish Embassy in Canberra, Australia, in 2017.

Luke is a member of the NSW Law Society. His profile is distinguished not just by his academic legal expertise but also by a pragmatic, proudly outcome-oriented approach.

Current projects

Luke recently played a pivotal role in managing the migration aspect of a significant initiative for a leading Australian mining services company. Tasked with bringing a cohort of skilled workers from Latin America to Australia, Luke managed the migration process, ensuring good outcomes under Australian immigration laws and facilitating a smooth transition for the workers.

Luke also recently assisted in negotiations with one of the world’s biggest mining companies, concerning a patent infringement claim brought by an Australian METS (Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services) company. His strategic insights and legal acumen were crucial in navigating the complexities of intellectual property disputes in the mining sector, contributing to a resolution that protected the client’s interests.

Additionally, Luke provided invaluable support to a leading Australian METS company as he guided them through the due diligence process concerning the acquisition of a Chilean company. Luke’s attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of corporate law ensured that the Australian company could proceed with confidence, armed with a thorough assessment of the legal landscape.

These recent projects underscore Luke’s versatility in handling diverse legal matters and also highlight his commitment to delivering tangible results for his clients. His ability to navigate the intricacies of migration, intellectual property negotiations, and due diligence processes showcases a legal professional dedicated to achieving practical outcomes for his clients in the complex intersection of cross-border law and business.


The value Luke brings

Guiding the Australian company through the due diligence process for the Chilean acquisition was a great experience. It reinforced the importance of not only legal scrutiny but also understanding the cultural nuances inherent in cross-border transactions between two such different jurisdictions. Acknowledging the distinct differences between Australian and Chilean business practices was crucial in achieving not just legal compliance but also practical outcomes for our client. This project underscored the significance of bridging cultural gaps for successful business integration. I always aim to provide legal counsel that goes beyond black-letter law, ensuring a seamless and culturally aware transition for my clients to get the outcome they have been working towards.

– Quote from Luke

Harris Gomez Group METS Lawyers ® opened its doors in 1997 as an Australian legal and commercial firm. In 2001, we expanded our practice to the international market with the establishment of our office in Santiago, Chile. This international expansion meant that as an English speaking law firm we could provide an essential bridge for Australian companies with interests and activities in Latin America, and to provide legal advice in Chile, Peru and the rest of Latin America. In opening this office, HGG became the first Australian law firm with an office in Latin America.
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