AU Hydrogen Initiative: Australia world’s first exporter of liquefied hydrogen

Written by Anamaria Correal, Trademark Attorney

Australia is on its pathway to become a major global producer of green hydrogen. The current Australian Government is developing Australia’s clean hydrogen export industry through the Australian Clean Hydrogen Trade Program (ACHTP) that aimed at attracting overseas investment into hydrogen supply chains originating in Australia.

The first round of the $150 million (ACHTP) will focus on the export of clean hydrogen to Japan under the Japan-Australian Partnership on Decarbonisation through technology, as this article will explain.


What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a clean energy solution that is depicted as flexible, transportable, storable, and safe fuel. It has different uses, such as generating electricity, producing heat, powering vehicles, and making products like fertilisers, plastics, and explosives. It also can be used in combination with renewable electricity to power remote sites like mines and small-scale of regional communities.


Australia Japan Clean Hydrogen Trade Partnership

Japan and Australia have expressed their commitment to transition to net zero emissions by 2050. It is believed that a technology response is vital to reducing greenhouse and carbon emissions while ensuring that economic growth is compatible with environmental sustainability.

Through the transition plan, an excellent opportunity to help reduce global emissions has arisen. Australia and Japan signed a cooperation agreement to support initiatives that will help to drive a successful economy-wide transition to net-zero emissions jointly. This partnership supports technologies including clean hydrogen and clean fuel ammonia and will bring significant economic benefits to Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “It is critical that we work closely with our international partners such as Japan to deliver on Australia’s low emissions objectives. This will accelerate the development of an Australian export hydrogen industry which can be a supplier of choice for Japan and the region.”

The Program will be funded over five years from the $500 million committed for low emissions technology international partnerships in the 2021-22 Budget.

This partnership builds on the existing strong cooperation through Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC), the Japan-Australia Energy and Resources Dialogue (JAERD) and the Australia-Japan Joint Statement of Cooperation on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.


Australia world’s first exporter of liquefied hydrogen

The Australian hydrogen industry has shipped its first order of liquid hydrogen to Japan early this year. This is a key milestone in the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project (HESC), and a new horizon in Australia’s trade with one of its top hydrogen partners.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the HESC project would make Australia a global leader, with the aim of producing 225,000 tonnes of clean hydrogen each year in Latrobe Valley.

In addition, this is the first time that liquefied hydrogen is exported by sea. The hydrogen cargo vessel called Suiso Frontier, ‘suiso’ means ‘hydrogen’ in Japanese, has been built by Japan´s Kaeasaki Heavy Industries (KHI); this vessel is able to transport 1,250 square metres of liquefied hydrogen (LH2) at temperatures of minus 253°.



Australia is engaging internationally to become a major exporter of hydrogen. The Australian Government is establishing agreements with key international markets such as Japan to reinforce investment drive economic growth while reducing global emissions.

Australia is building strong trade relationships by attracting overseas investment into hydrogen supply chains originating locally. Thus, Japan will be participating in the first round of the $150 million (ACHTP).

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