Colombia Tender: Expansion of 3 Airports

Colombia’s national infrastructure agency has published the definitive bidding rules for the concession tender of three airports in the southwestern region.

According to information on ANI’s website, the project will require a total 256.762bn pesos (US$107mn) in investments and includes works at El Edén airport in Armenia (121.040bn pesos), Benito Salas in Neiva (71.130bn pesos) and Guillermo León Valencia in Popayán (64.591bn pesos).

Areas of focus will include expansion and improvement of the passenger terminals, repair and expansion of the landing strips, building cargo terminals, purchase of surrounding land, renovating fire extinguishing equipment, and supplying security and luggage handling equipment.

The concession process was previously tendered for the same group of airports. When the first process closed at the end of November, the agency received no offers. The new tender process was adjusted to make the project more attractive, including lowering the amount of land to be purchased and specifying the requirements for fire engines.

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