Infographic: 16 Chilean Solar Projects

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Harris Gómez Group is an Australian-Latin American legal and business advisory firm located in Santiago, Chile and Bogota, Colombia. In 2001, HGG was the first Australian law firm to have a local office in Latin America. The firm specialises in Common Law and Latin American cross-border issues in areas such as Mining and Energy, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax, Intellectual Property and Business Enterprises. With over 19 years of experience immersed in the respective legal and business cultures of Australia and Latin America, we create a seamless bridge between the two regions and have become an essential partner to many multinational enterprises.

We offer a complete range of legal services to help you develop your projects in Chile, including:

– Preliminary audit reports, including background searches.

– Mining/Geothermal/ Solar due diligence of companies and projects.

– Investment advice and assistance capital flows.

– Taxation structure advice.

– Set up corporate structure that best suits your needs as a foreign investor.

– Legal reports for your IPO.

– Joint ventures.

– Options to purchase agreements & purchase of concessions.

– Engineering and Construction projects: project creation, bidding process, preparation, review and negotiation of all types of contracts such as EPC, EPCM and service contracts with industry suppliers.

Click on the Infographic for industry and project information: 




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